AirPods Orientation to OSC Sender


Starting with macOS Sonoma 14.0 it is possible to access the orientation data of Apple AirPods using the CoreMotion framework. The Headitude app reads the orientation data and forwards it via OSC to a specified IP address and port.

⚠️ Note: The app is in an early stage of development and might not provide peak user experience just yet.

Custom OSC Message

The OSC message can be customized:

/<osc/address> <token> <token>

The tokens will then be replaced by float values.

E.g. for the IEM SceneRotator VST plug-in you might want to use:

/SceneRotator/ypr yaw pitch roll

Currently the following tokens are supported:

  • yaw Yaw-angle in degrees [-180, 180]
  • yaw+ Yaw-angle in degrees [0, 360]
  • pitch Pitch-angle in degrees
  • pitch+ Pitch-angle in degrees [0, 360]
  • roll Roll-angle in degrees
  • roll+ Roll-angle in degrees [0, 360]

You can prepend a token with a - to flip the sign.

There are more tokens to come, e.g. angles in radians and quaternions.


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