All wikipedia colors implemented as an easy to use UIColor extension.

Typical Xcode error

Have you ever tried using UIColor.lightBlue just to be welcomed with an error that such value doesn’t exist? Well – fear no more! Now you can have all the colors of the world in one simple extension! And by all I mean 1 293 of them.


Simply drop UIColor+WikiColors.swift into your project and that’s it!

If you prefer using Swift package manager you can do that using package-manager branch.


let color = UIColor.aquamarine

UIColor+WikiColors.swift also contains useful init for creating colors from hex values – for which I want to thank yeahdongcn.

let color = UIColor(hex: "#0048BA")
let anotherColor = UIColor(hex: "#abc")
let justAnotherOne = UIColor(hex: "#123a") // with alpha


The source code is dedicated to the public domain. See the LICENCE.md file for more information.