Trident Cockpit

Trident Cockpit is an alternative iOS/iPadOS/macOS control app for the Sofar Trident Underwater Drone.


  • Controls the Trident Underwater Drone by Sofar Ocean
  • Watch live video stream from the drone
  • Gamepad control
  • Keyboard and touch/mouse control
  • Controls camera, light, stabilization
  • Recording pilot video stream
  • GPS geotagging pilot video
  • Realtime drone orientation view
  • Show depth, temperature, camera and battery times
  • Past dives video from drone: watch, download and delete
  • Recovery broken past dives videos
  • Show maintenance data: internal pressure, internal temperature, battery cycle count
  • Support payload connection and control. (now GoPro HERO 3/3+)

Payload control:

GoPro HERO 3/3+

  • Control camera power
  • Camera recording control
  • Live preview
  • Show battery level
  • Show recording time left

Supported gamepads

  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • DualShock 4
  • Any MFi certified gamepad

Keyboard Shortcuts

Moton control

Shortcut Description
Up Arrow Forward
Down Arrow Backward
Left Arrow Turn Left (rotate counterclockwise)
Right Arrow Turn Right (rotate clockwise)
W Tilt Down
E Tilt Up

Motor speed modifiers

Shortcut Description
without modifiers 10% of motor speed
Option + (WE) 25% of motor speed
Shift + (WE) 50% of motor speed
⇧+⌥ Shift+Option + (WE) 100% of motor speed