An algorithm challenge solution called autocorrect.


You’ve been tasked with writing an autocorrect service for messages sent by your legal team. The messages which are sent to other lawyers need to be updated so that each message sent references the lawyer’s client for clarity. To do this you need to replace all instances of “you” and its misspellings with “your client”.

Complete the function so that it takes a string and replaces all instances of “you”, “youuu”, or “u” (not case sensitive) with “your client” (always lower case).

Return the resulting string.

The Catch

Here’s the slightly tricky part: These are informal messages, so there are different forms of “you” and “u”.

For the purposes of this task, here’s what you need to support:

“youuuuu” with any number of “u” characters tacked onto the end
“u” at the beginning, middle, or end of a string, but NOT part of a word
“you” but NOT as part of another word like “young” or “Bayou”


input: String – the text to be autocorrected

Return Value
String – The autocorrected text


“We have sent the deliverables to you.” -> “We have sent the deliverables to your client.”

“Our team is excited to finish this with you.” -> “Our team is excited to finish this with your client.”

“youtube” -> “youtube”


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