Challenge from Prof John Gallaugher, using dev API and JSON Parsing.


Challenge: Setup

  • Create a new Xcode project named “Thrones”
  • Rename the ContentView to NavigationStack
  • Create a String array named houses that will (temporarily) hold Westeros houses. You can use any names you’d like. For example:
”Targaryen”, “Lannister”, “Stark”, “Martell”, “Greyjoy”
  • Add a List to the navigation stack & show the names in the List. Font size title2. The List Style should be plain
  • Add a Title to the Navigation Stack that states “Houses of Westeros”.

Challenge: Struct Setup

  • We’ll be accessing JSON using “An API of Ice and Fire” from this URL. It will return a page of 50 Game of Thrones Houses:
  • Create a struct named House to act as a Model for our Thrones app. It should be able to be used to decode our JSON & also be identifiable. In addition to a property to conform to identifiable it should contain: name: a String, which will hold the name of the house url: a String containing the url with house details words: a String. The house motto or “words”

Challenge: Houses ViewModel

  • Create a class to use as a ViewModel for the Thrones app. Call this HousesViewModel.
  • Decode an array of House structs. It should end up in a @Published property in the HouseViewModel class called houses, which is an array of House structs.
  • Add a urlString property to the class using the URL:
  • Create a getData function of the class.
  • Instantiate HousesViewModel as an object named housesVM.
  • Call getData in the List View.
For now, simply print the results of the houses Struct to the console.

Challenge: Add a ProgressView when loading

  • Update the ViewModel to have an isLoading value that is true when data is loading, false otherwise.
  • Use this to show or hide a ProgressView that’s at the top of a ZStack with a ListView inside of it

Got this more quickly than your peers?

  • Then try the challenge on the slide after this one this to add a .status ToolbarItem showing the # of houses downloaded

Challenge: Add a Status Toolbar Item

  • Add a Toolbar to the view
  • It should initially include a ToolBarItem with a center placement (.status), which shows up as a bottom tool bar.
  • Have the status show the # of houses that have been downloaded so far, like this:
# Houses Returned

Challenge: Page JSON while Scrolling

  • Load new pages of JSON while scrolling, if needed, until all pages are loaded.
  • How do we page JSON when we don’t have a “next” key in our JSON?
  • The URL is:
  • Note that the “page” indicates which page of JSON is loaded.
Note that the pageSize is 50, and this is the # of houses per page
  • Create a variable named pageNumber and initialize it to 1
  • At the top of getData, add a line to an update to urlString inside getData so it uses the pageNumber. Use this ‘updated’ urlString to turn into a URL.
  • When data is returned, examine the number of houses returned. If it’s == 50, increment pageNumber by one, so that the next time getData is called, we cause use this to get the next page of JSON data. If houses returned < 50, then set pageNumber to 0
  • Instead of checking a string prefix for http (done in CatchEmAll), check to make sure the pageNumber != 0. If pageNumber is == 0, then do not call a new page of JSON.
  • REMEMBER: When paging JSON you need to add the newly returned page of houses to the existing houses. I’ve seen LOTS of students forget this in texts / projects.

Challenge: Load All

  • Add a “Load All” button to the lower-left of the toolbar When pressed, this should load all of the pages of JSON

Challenge: Create a Detail View

  • Add a DetailView to the ThronesApp
  • It should look like the demo at the right. Note:
  • The House Name and the Words: title are separated by padding
  • If a house has words, they are enclosed in double-quotes
If a house has no words, then “n/a” is displayed
The Words are italicized
  • The elements on the DetailView show up aligned to the upper-left of the screen.
  • The elements on DetailView are in Title font

By John Gallaugher


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