Apple Logo Screensaver

A simple and colorful screensaver with a looping animated Apple logo. This screensaver is based on a similar one that ran in Apple stores on Macs circa 2020.


  1. Click here to Download

    Chrome may block the download because this is an uncommonly downloaded file. The file is safe as it has been signed and notarized by Apple. Select the arrow icon and then select Keep.

  2. Open and extract Apple (double click)
  3. Open Apple Logo.saver (double click)
  4. Choose what users to install the screensaver for: install
  5. Select the Apple Logo screensaver from the list of screensavers: select


  • Right-click on Apple Logo in System Preferences and select Delete "Apple Logo", or
  • Delete Apple Logo.saver either in /Library/Screen Savers or /Users/USERNAME/Library/Screen Savers.


This is my first Swift/MacOS project, and I am very open to improvements.

Feel free to contribute to this project by providing ideas or opening pull requests with new features or solving an existing issue.


Does this screensaver bring you joy? If so, and you want to donate a couple of dollars or “buy me a coffee,” check out the “Sponsor this project” section in the sidebar. These donations go towards offsetting the annual cost of the Apple Developer Program, which is used to sign and notarize this app for the most simple and secure install experience.


Apple Logo Screensaver is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information. Apple, the Apple Logo, and Apple Logo animations are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.


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