Create MCQ questions, arrange them into topics/categories and retrieve them as JSON

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Quiz-plz is a server-side swift app written using Vapor framework, Fluent ORM (powered byPostgreSQL). It allows users to retrieve multiple-choice questions in the JSON form and use them where needed (e.g Mobile app). Currently, only the admin can authneticate on the front-end and add new questions/categories of questions, however there is a public API which can be used to retrieve already existing data.

Public API

To use the public api, it would be beneficial to understand the main entities and relatoinships between them. Below you can find the database schema: database-schema


Retrieving all possible Questions:


Retrieving a question data:


Retrieving Categories that the particular question belongs to:



Retrieving all possible Answers:


Retrieving Answers for the particular question:



Retrieving all possible categories:


Retrieving category data:


Retrieving all questions that belong to particular category:



Retrieving users that have contributed to the Quiz-plz:


Retrieving questions that a particular user might have created and added to Quiz-plz:



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