An animated light and easy to use circular menu for you app, made with love and SwiftUI.

CDCircularMenu is a customizable circular menu library created for fun, for you apps.



  • [x] An animated Circular Menu around a customizable button
  • [x] A set of configuration to fit your app design

Coming soon features

  • [ ] Depends on your thoughts

Customizable properties

  • menuItems: Your custom list of menu items to be placed around the menu button
  • menuRadius: The menu radius
  • menuButtonSize: Your main menu button size
  • menuButtonColor: Your main menu button color
  • buttonClickCompletion: The callback handler whenever a menu item is clicked


  • iOS 13 or above
  • Swift 5.0
  • Xcode 11.4


At the moment, the library is only available though Github. A Pod will arrive later.


You can use Git to clone CDCircularMenu and its example project:

git clone


  1. Download and drop the Sources (CDCircularMenu/Sources) folder in your project.
  2. You are already ready to go! Congratulations!


To get the full benefits of CDCircularMenu, don't forget to check out the ExampleForCircularMenu XCode project.

After adding the source folder into your project, you can start using CDCircularMenu by following those 3 steps:

  • [x] Step 1: Create your menu items array thanks to the provided MenuItem struct.

  • [x] **Step 2: Create your own completion handler. It should receive an Int (index) as parameter. **

  • [x] **Step 3: Anywhere in your view, create a CircularMenu(...) with the required parameters. **

For example:

CircularMenu(menuItems: testMenuItems, menuRadius: 120, menuButtonSize: 60, menuButtonColor: .black, 
buttonClickCompletion: buttonClickHandler(_:))


CDCircularMenu is under the MIT LICENSE.
Feel free to share your opinion :)