MetroHacks Project 2021

Devpost link: Devpost

We made an app for Metrohacks 2021 that would show you your personal schedule with class names quickly every single day, and remind you that class starts in 5 or 10 minutes. Schools will put in their general schedule and rotations once, and then be able to quickly select what kind of day schedules are upcoming (Monday will be a Day 1, Tuesday a Day 2, etc). Students can create an account with a student access code that their school admin generated (that way only students of the school will be able to get in). Once their account has been created, they will be able to specify what classes they have during which general period, so that their personalised schedule can be created. Notifications will automatically be sent 5 minutes before each class, but can be adjusted to 10 minutes, or when class starts. Notifications will arrive no matter whether the app is in the background, or even off.

Screenshot of Main Screen


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