One of the most identical application to the world famous application: Unsplash. The structure is MVVM. The back-end is from the Unsplash itself (Check for documentation)

About The Project

Unsplash-Pro is an app dedicated to sharing stock photography under the Unsplash license. It covers almost every feature that Unsplash provides access to, from modifying a user’s private data to publicly accessing searched users.

Youtube Link

You can quickly see all the features of this project on youtube using this link.


  • View editorial photos, topic photos, photos in detail, photo shoot information
  • Browse photos by category
  • Login to a private account via OAuth
  • Access and modify personal profile information: username, email, location…
  • Like, dislike, share and save photos to device
  • Like, dislike or save to device with long touch animations
  • Search photos, photo collections and users
  • Open collections in detail
  • Open other users in detail
  • View public information about other users: photos, likes and collections
  • All actions happen in real time so that the UI adapts to them
  • Infinite scrolling of photos
  • Reloading data in a dropdown
  • Adaptable UI layouts



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