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Papr is an unofficial Unsplash app for iOS.

?‍♂️ Getting Started

git clone https://github.com/jdisho/Papr.git
cd Papr
pod install
open Papr.xcworkspace # or xed .

⚙️ Setup

To be able to log in during development, you’ll need a Client ID and Client Secret.

To get these, register a new OAuth application on Unsplash.

Make sure the Authorization callback URL is set to papr://unsplash. The others can be filled in as you wish.

To add the Client ID and Client Secret to the App, follow these steps:

? Why am I building this?

  1. Pushing RxSwift to its limits. ?
  2. MVVM + Coordinator
  3. Using Codable, RxDataSources, Action.
  4. Exploring Unsplash and its API
  5. Fun thing!

❤️ Contributing

I intend for this project to be more as an educational resource, learn by open sourcing.

I am very open for feedback and contribution.


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