Flix is an app that allows users to browse movies from the The Movie Database API.

? NOTE - PASTE PART 2 SNIPPET HERE: Paste the README template for part 2 of this assignment here at the top. This will show a history of your development process, which users stories you completed and how your app looked and functioned at each step.

Flix Part 1

User Stories

REQUIRED (10pts)

  • (2pts) User sees an app icon on the home screen and a styled launch screen.
  • (5pts) User can view and scroll through a list of movies now playing in theaters.
  • (3pts) User can view the movie poster image for each movie.


  • (2pt) User can view the app on various device sizes and orientations. (Check the branch mainWithLayouts)
  • (1pt) Run your app on a real device.

App Walkthrough


While making the app, I encountered many problems that were easily solved by simple googling. However, the biggest problem for me was installing cocoapods.
The tutorial was probably made before the release of the Big Sur on Macbook, so installation was different. I was able to solve the problem by going deep into
the files of a program and changing some lines of code in those files.


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