Welcome to BioMatrix! It is an app that allows users to quiz themselves on a variety of biology questions! This app allows various functionalities!

The android+ios version can be found here:

General Features

On this app, you are allowed to answer questions based on different timers and then star questions you would like to review again. Additionally, each question is marked under a particular topic. If you often miss a certain category, that is a great indication for you to explore and learn more!

Saving Progress

This app will continue to save your starred questions so that when you come back to the app, you can revisit questioned starred previously. You can also unstar them if you would like to remove them from your starred questions.


There are 3 different types of rounds you can select:

  • Turtle Round: This allows you to answer questions without any timer
  • Timer Round: This allows you to answer questions within 22 seconds
  • Speed Round: This allows you to answer questions within 7 seconds

Note: Currently, this app cannot be found on the app store yet.




The sole developer of this project is Eesha Jain.