An app that ranks crypto currency based on current price and tracks btc.

This app uses two api’s(coinDesk and coinPaprika) to gather data about Bitcoin and multiple other crypto currencies. The app consists of a splash page that shows the CrptoLux logo, a home screen that shows a tableView of multiple cryptos with their name, symbol and rank(based on price), and a page that shows BitCoin data. The page that has the bitcoin data is not accurate as of now. it shows the current time, and a random integer for the price label. I plan on going back and binding the price data from the api to the price label so that it is accurate. I have’nt come across any bugs however this app can definitely be optimized. The first thing that i’d like to fix within this app is the overall design and user flow, it would be cool to have a home screen that gives users the option to view either the tableView or the bitcoin Statistics. Another way that this app can be optimizedis by loading the api data into the tableView more efficiently, if we decided to add more data into these tableView it may lag which can be a probem for the users experience. The app design/ architecture that I used when creating this app was MVC,I feel like this was a good approach for this app due to the tthe simplicity and time constraints.


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