TZSignalStrengthView for iOS

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TZSignalStrengthView is an easy to use UI component to help display a signal bar with an added customizable fill animation providing the following features:

  • Easy customization using the interface builder.
  • Support for different colors to different strengths (high, medium, and low).
  • Customized duration of the animation.
  • The number of bars is corresponding to the specified strength.
  • The ability to add borders with custom widths’.
  • The ability to change the spacing of the bars.


  1. Add a new UIView and set it’s class to TZSignalBarView and its module to TZSignalBarStrength.

  1. Set width and height constraints to TZSignalBarView.

  2. Set the custom features as preferred.

  1. Animation sample:

  2. Check out the Demo app for more examples.


Manual setup

Directly copy TZSignalBarStrength to your project.

Cocoa pods

Add the pod to your pod file:

pod 'TZSignalBarStrength'

And then run:

pod install


  • Add a cocoapods version.
  • Add a swift package manager version.
  • Add a SwiftUI version.
  • Support custom number of signal bars.
  • Support custom values for different strengths.
  • Add fading animation.
  • Add interaction methods.
  • Support interactive signal customization. (Change signal strength during run-time)


TZSignalStrengthView is available under the MIT license.

Data collection

TZSignalStrengthView does not collect any data.