An easy way to access reviews for your app instead of writing repetitive and redundant codes for every app.


iOS 9.0+, Swift 5.5


Swift Package Manager (Recommended)

  • File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency
  • Add
  • Select “Exact Version” (recommend using the latest exact version)

How to Use

import AppStoreReviewManager

// Get App Store page url String for your app
let urlString = AppStoreReviewManager.appStorePageURLString(with: YOUR_APP_APP_STORE_ID)

// Open App Store page for your app
AppStoreReviewManager.openAppStorePage(with: YOUR_APP_APP_STORE_ID)

// Request review without leaving your app

// Open App Store review page for your app to review
AppStoreReviewManager.requestReviewInAppStore(with: YOUR_APP_APP_STORE_ID)

MIT License

AppStoreReviewManager released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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