The Eyeballing Game

Are you a real designer?

The Eyeballing Game

This is an interactive game built using SwiftUI & Swift Playgrounds built to learn the Swift programming language!

This game features 10 exciting challenges that will put your skills to the test:

  • Match blur with a slider
  • Match opacity, using volume buttons
  • Match font size & weight using a radial pad
  • Match size by tilting your device
  • Match brightness, by controlling your on-device brightness
  • Match corner radius, using a slider
  • Match color, using a color wheel
  • Match bezier-curve, using a control point
  • Match angle, by rotating your device
  • Match spacing, by dragging rectangles

I encourage you to download and play the game, and even fork the project to make your own modifications! ?

Inspired by Rauno Freiberg


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