An iOS app for IRL streaming. Mainly targetting Twitch, but can stream to any RTMP endpoint.



This project is not part of OBS. It’s just the name that is inspired by it.


  • Force camera widgets to the back.


  • Integrate SRT stack.
  • Implement SRTLA.
  • AV1 and/or HVEC codec (to complement H264). Sending less data is important for stream quality and cost.
  • Notifications. Both visually and with sound. Sound most improtant probably.
  • Emoji chat.
  • Preview buttons.
  • Pause and scroll chat.
  • Buffering for short disconnections. Show as picture in picture or other layout once reconnected. Possible a record button.
  • Play music and short sound samples.
  • Geolocation (with map?).
  • Record to disk.
  • Setup scenes with editable main view? However, scenes will probably be added server side by most streamers, so not that important to change.
  • Lookup Twitch channel id from channel name. Possibly login to Twitch.
  • LIDAR, altitude.
  • WebRTC.

Testing with local streaming server

  1. Start streaming server. You must have go installed.

    $ (cd livego && go run . --level debug)
  2. Create the application instance in the server (hard coded to 1234):

    $ wget 'http://localhost:8090/control/get?room=movie'
  3. Start streaming with iOS app. Build and run the iOS application in xcode.

  4. Watch stream in VLC:

    $ vlc rtmp://localhost:1935/live/movie


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