Watch home videos easily: an iOS Swift open-source project

VideoWatcher is an iOS app (designed for iPad) that will randomly play video files from any specified local folder. Intended as a way to enjoy large libraries of home videos. Users with 1000+ videos will never likely play them all through. This app will let users enjoy their videos, several at a time. By clicking on any video, it jumps to another, randomly-selected video. You will also be able to identify “favorite” moments to play in a playlist. And ultimately, share with others.

Like being a TV producer for your own life.


Next steps:

  • Allow “favoriting” of videos: build a favorites playlist
  • Enable annotation of videos: title, date created, notes, etc.
  • For longer videos (> 30 secs), start at a random point in the video (rather than always play from the beginning)
  • … see the current open issues list here:


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