PupFinder is an iOS app that allows users to search for dog breeds and receive information such as behavioral traits, compatibility, and physical attributes. The app aims to help users find a breed that best suits their lifestyle and preferences. The project utilizes the Ninja Dog API to retrieve technical information about various dog breeds.




  • Dog Breed Search: Users can search for dog breeds based on specific criteria, such as size, weight, life expectancy, shedding, barking, energy level, protectiveness, and trainability.

  • Breed Information: Detailed information about each dog breed, including behavioral traits, compatibility with other animals, and physical attributes.

  • Blog Posts: A blog section where users can access informative articles related to dog care, training tips, and other relevant topics.

  • Adoption Locations: Users can find nearby animal shelters or adoption centers to connect with potential furry friends.

  • Favorites: Users can save their favorite dog breeds to a favorites list for quick access.

  • Chat: A chat feature that allows users to communicate with a dog expert for resources or adoption-related questions.

API Integration

PupFinder fetches technical information about dog breeds using the Ninja Dog API. The API provides detailed, qualitative information on over 200 different breeds of dogs. The app leverages various API endpoints to retrieve breed data based on user preferences.

Technologies Used

  • Swift: The app is built using the Swift programming language for iOS development.

  • SwiftUI: The user interface is implemented using SwiftUI, Apple’s modern UI framework.

  • URLSession: URLSession is used for handling API requests and responses.


  1. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/your-username/PupFinder.git

  2. Open the project in Xcode: cd PupFinder and then open PupFinder.xcodeproj

  3. Build and run the app in the Xcode simulator or on a connected device.


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