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Timetinerary is a fast and reliable app that creates continuous schedules like no other.

Create your schedule in seconds, and watch as it is converted into a beautiful display. Timetinerary also comes with a widget and notifications so that you can stay updated without even opening the app. It’s the perfect solution for everyone’s scheduling needs!

Timetinerary comes with a number of tools to make the schedule-creation process easier. Schedules are created individually, by day. You can copy your schedules over to other days, and even save schedules as templates forever. All of this is done with seamless animations and fast data storage methods to ensure that everything is updated instantly.

Timetinerary also contains multiple customization options. The colors used for widgets and the in-app time view are fully customizable, as are the timeframes for the app’s notifications. As a bonus, it includes a variety of home screen icons in the name of full customizability.

Try out Timetinerary and never miss a class again!


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