This is an iOS app that lets you swipe through random cat pictures!


Please make sure you have Git installed on your OS.

To use the app, first clone the project using:

git clone https://github.com/Robert-Vaccaro/LotsOfCats.git

Then go into the directory:

cd LotsOfCats

Install the Cocoapods:

pod install

Open the project using:

open LotsOfCats.xcworkspace

Make sure to let the project index the files. Once file indexing is complete, choose a simulator and press the play button!


Share or Save Image

Press the Share or Save button in the top left corner to either share or save the image.

Image Settings

Change Image Aspect Ratio:

You can either make the aspect ratio of the cat image “Aspect Fit” or “Aspect Fill”.

Change Swipe Style:

You pick how you would like to update the cat image. You can choose either “Draggable” or “Swipe Left or Right”.

In Draggable Mode:

Touch the image and drag it in any direction

In Swipe Mode:

Touch the image and swipe left or right

Add Text Overlay

You can enter in a text that will appear on the cat image (where the “Current Text Overlay” is). You can press the Add Text Overlay button again and enter a new text. This will overwrite the existing text overlay.

Clear Text Overlay

This will only appear if a text overlay exists. This will clear the current text overlay.

Source of Cat Images

The cat images are coming from CATAAS.


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