Morse Code

Morse Code is an iOS App which converts text to morse code in three formats. This feature exists on Apple Watch for telling the time. So I thought why not port the idea to a native iOS app!

This is the master branch, if you want the SwiftUI version then you should check out the SwiftUI branch too!




Morse Code is an iOS app which can convert text to

  • Sound
  • Vibration
  • Flashes (using flashlight)


  • Sound, vibration and flash can be set to infinitely loop
  • The WPM of sound can be adjusted between 15 - 20 WPM
  • The sound is generated through the device rather than being played from a file which makes changes/ modifications super easy.
  • The vibration strength has been adjusted so as to clearly differentiate between dit and dah
  • Flashes run at full brightness and is synchronised so as it is visible from a far distance
  • The UI is super simple


Morse Code is built completely on swift and has been tested on an iPhone XS
It uses the following frameworks:

  • UIKit - For all the graphical interface
  • AVFoundation - To generate audio signals and play them, and also for Flashlight
  • CoreHaptics - To compose and play vibration patterns


Morse Code requires Xcode to build and run, to test features such as vibration and flash we need an iOS device running on iOS 13.6