• It is an iOS application ? that scans and extracts text real-time through camera ?, if it is detected. It will play relevent video from the extracted text.
  • An app for university visitors which can guide them through the university by scanning number of classrooms and labs.
  • The app scans the assigned numbers of university rooms and plays a video regarding that specific room showing what features does the university provide and more specifications.


Libraries Used

Libraries used in this project are as follows:

  • UIkit
  • Foundation
  • Webkit
  • AVFoundation
  • Vision
  • Visionkit

Installation Setup

1. Clone the repository

You can clone this repository using command:

2. Unzip and then open it.

3. Build the project and run it on iOS device.

Implementation Video

You can find the video of running application from here.


  1. This application can run on iPhones having iOS version 10.0 or above and iPads having iPadOS version 13.0 or above.
  2. The extracted text will be shown on the top of the image. You can zoom-in and out for scanning the text using the slider in the app.

Facing any issues???

Feel free to open an issue. I’ll be glad to help you. ?


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