A Simple iOS Game App – Designed in SwiftUI ?


The game’s aim is to make a cap to fill the color among them. On tapping any shapes, it will rotate 90 degree clockwise. Take a look at design to understand it. You can find the figma design here. To discuss about anything, you can text me on linkedin.

App Design / UX ?

Figma design is here

Who can contribute? ✍?

  • Anyone can contribute to it, irrespective of skill level
  • You can start contributting by working on any issue

Getting Started ??‍?

  • Fork the project

  • Clone the forked project

    git clone 
  • Checkout a new branch with the name of issue you want to work on

  • After working on that

    git add .
    git commit -m <What you did>
    git push origin <yourbranchname>
  • Create a pull request on this repositry

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