SungWeather is an iOS project inspired by Samsung’s calculator app which is currently not available for iOS. In this project, the UI is constructed in a way to resembled Samsung’s app as much as possible.

Currently the beautiful and simplistic UI has been completed and looks almost identical to Samsung’s calculator.

Still a work in progress, many new features are being added constantly in the hopes to bring one of the best calculators to iOS!



Current and future features

  • (Current) Support for light and dark modes
  • (Current) Support for basic calculations
  • (Future) Support for unit conversion
  • (Future) Support for calculations history

Current State

Here is what the project currently can NOT do:

  • Get history of calculations
  • Parenthesis button does not function
  • Negative button does not function
  • Unit conversion button does not function
  • Currently no unit conversion capabilities


Over time, updates will be made to the project and features will be added. This readme will be updated to reflect those changes.




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