NFT Wallet

NFT Wallet is an open source NFT Minting app made entirely on Swift. It uses Firebase to manage the backend and the ERC-721 smart contract is hosted on the Ropsten testnet.

The contract Address is 0xD4111c45A54a56Cb325C21547f4963B1eebda8Ec

A custom chain can be used instead of ropsten by changing the RPC URL and Chain ID in the Constants.swift file.

Installation Steps

Frist, go to the directory through the terminal and do pod init followed by pod install

Then, add Firebase to the project by following:
Make sure Google Sign In, and Firestore are enabled on your Firebase Project.
Then take the REVERSED_CLIENT_ID key from the GoogleService-Info.plist that was downloaded while setting up firebase and add it by expanding URL Types under the Info tab from the Targets section in Xcode.

Finally, get an Infura API Key and add it in the Constants.swift file.


Once all these steps are completed, you can go ahead and run the app!


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