CenterOriginSlider is an open-source SwiftUI package that provides a customizable center origin slider for your iOS projects. This slider allows users to select values in a range, either negative or positive, from a center origin point.

This package provides a variety of customization options such as thumb size, color, guide bar style, tracking bar color, and more, making it a flexible choice for your user interface needs.


  • Set the minimum and maximum values for your slider.
  • Opt to increment values discretely or continuously.
  • Customize the slider’s thumb size, color, and shadow.
  • Style the guide bar with your choice of corner radius, color, and height.
  • Define the appearance of the tracking bar, including its color and height.


  • iOS 14.0+
  • mac OS 11.0+


CenterOriginSlider is available through the Swift Package Manager.

To add CenterOriginSlider to your Xcode project:

  1. Select File > New > Package…
  2. Enter into the package repository URL text box.
  3. Follow the prompts to add the package to your project.


First, import the CenterOriginSlider package in the file where you want to use it:

import SwiftUI
import CenterOriginSlider

struct ContentView: View {
    @State private var sliderValue: Float = 0.0

    var body: some View {
            minValue: -100,
            maxValue: 100,
            sliderValue: $sliderValue

Example 1 In this example, the slider’s value can vary from -100 to 100, starting from 0. The aims to look as native as possible when no customization is added.

To further customize the slider, you can specify other properties as per your needs. For example:

    minValue: -50,
    maxValue: 50,
    increment: 10,
    sliderValue: $sliderValue,
    thumbSize: 24,
    thumbColor: .red,
    guideBarCornerRadius: 4,
    guideBarColor: .blue.opacity(0.2),
    guideBarHeight: 6,
    trackingBarColor: .blue,
    trackingBarHeight: 6,
    shadow: 2,
    backgroundColor: .clear

Example 2


Contributions to the CenterOriginSlider project are welcome! Feel free to open a new issue or send a pull request, if you happen to find a bug, or would liek to add any new features.


CenterOriginSlider is available under the MIT license.


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