What’s new in Swift 5.5?

This is an Xcode playground that demonstrates the new features introduced in Swift 5.5:

  • Async await
  • Async sequences
  • Effectful read-only properties
  • Structured concurrency
  • async let bindings
  • Continuations for interfacing async tasks with synchronous code
  • Actors
  • Global actors
  • Sendable and @Sendable closures
  • if for postfix member expressions
  • Allow interchangeable use of CGFloat and Double types
  • Codable synthesis for enums with associated values
  • lazy now works in local contexts
  • Extend property wrappers to function and closure parameters
  • Extending static member lookup in generic contexts

This is designed to complement my existing article What’s New in Swift 5.5. You might also want to read previous articles about the evolution of Swift 5:

Alternatively, I have a whole website dedicated to tracking what’s new in Swift – you should check it out at https://www.whatsnewinswift.com.

If you hit problems or have questions, you’re welcome to tweet me @twostraws or email [email protected].

Screenshot of Xcode 12.5 running this playground.