Send App Usage Permission

Inspired WWDC App I made class to help developers & community save time and comply with the App Store Guidelines.


Just drag and drop it to your project.


Display Alert

Put this code in viewDidAppear

  override func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
        if !AppUsagePermission.isAsked(){
            AppUsagePermission.displayAlert(viewController: self, completionHandler: nil)



AppUsagePermission.displayAlert(viewController: self, completionHandler: { result in
                if (result == PermissionStatus.allowed){
                    print("User allowed data usage")
                } else if (result == PermissionStatus.denied){
                    print("User denied data usage")

Get permission statuses

        case .allowed:
           print("Permission given")
        case .denied:
            print("Permission denied")
        case .notAsked:
             print("Data usage permission is not yet requested")
        case .undefined:
            print("Something went wrong")
enum PermissionStatus{
   case allowed
   case denied
   case notAsked
   case undefined

Quck access functions

 if AppUsagePermission.isAsked(){
   print("Dalogue has been already presented to user")
  if AppUsagePermission.isAllowed(){
    print("Send App Data Usage is allowed")

Reset saved value