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Pareto Security helps you with basic security hygiene on your Mac. It gently nudges you to take care of 20% of security tasks that prevent 80% of problems.

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How Pareto Security keeps you secure

  • Chris forgot to enable FileVault disk encryption after OS reinstall, then someone stole his MacBook, and now they have all of his photos, documents, and business files.
  • Suzie turned off the Firewall to debug a router, did not remember to turn it back on, and accidentally exposed her local webserver to the entire Starbucks network.
  • James lent his MacBook to mom for a weekend, forgot he enabled automatic login for her convenience, then found his son playing on his company’s Slack.
  • Paul needed to turn off Gatekeeper to install an app he found on the Internet, then failed to turn it back on again, and his Mac got infected with malware.
  • Marie did not set auto-updating of apps and got hacked because she was not running a recent app version with the security patch applied.
  • Mia used her MacBook for a presentation, disabled automatic screen locking, forgot to re-enable it, only to find coworkers having fun with her Facebook.

All of the above are easily preventable. The Pareto Security app regularly checks such common security fails and reminds you to take care of them.

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