Avatar provider for iOS tweak Contacy


  • copy iphone_Contacy_avatar_provider.nic.tar to $THEOS/templates/ios/iphone/
  • $THEOS/bin/ and choose Contacy_avatar_provider

To create your own avatar provider, you need to the app name and application identifier. Your provider will inherit from CNContactAvatarProvider. You can overwrite -[CNContactAvatarProvider fetchAvatarForContactNotification:(CNNotification *)] to get avatar image from CNNotification



@interface CNNotification : NSObject
@property(nonatomic, copy) NSString *applicationIdentifier;
@property(nonatomic, retain) NSDictionary *notificationInfo;
@property(nonatomic, retain) NCNotificationContent *content;
@property(nonatomic, retain) UNNotificationContent *userNotificationContent;
@property(nonatomic, retain) NCNotificationRequest *request;
  • applicationIdentifier is the identifier of the app which send notification.
  • notificationInfo contains basic user info of this notification which is sent by app. It's actually a property of UNNotification.
  • request is the request which is used to create notificaion.


You can create a subclass of it to get avatar from notification

  • -[CNContactAvatarProvider fetchAvatarForContactNotification:(CNNotification *)] you can overwrite this method to fetch the avatar for a notification.
  • +[CNContactAvatarProvider sendRequestWithURL:(NSURL *)] if you need to get response from a url, please use this method.