Avocados App

A small application created in SwiftUI using Xcode 14 is shown here. In this app, you will learn about some cool features of SwiftUI. If you are a beginner in SwiftUI, this app will help you to learn the basic concepts of SwiftUI.

Light Mode Screenshots:

Dark Mode Screenshots:

iPad Screenshots:

What features does this app contain:

  • Launch Screen
  • Avocados
  • Recipe List
  • Recipe Details Page
  • Settings
  • Light & Dark mode support
  • UI optimzation for iPhone and iPad

What you can learn from this app:

  • How to create an application using Xcode 14 and SwiftUI 3.0?
  • How to use TabView in the application?
  • How to manage nested ScrollView?
  • How to manage colors and images in light and dark mode?
  • How to avoid code redundent using Custom View Modifiers?
  • How to implment basic animations in SwiftUI?

and many other things…

Following the swiftuimasterclass.com courses, I learned and created this demo app. You should check out this website for amazing content.

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Happy Coding !!


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