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Awesome Dropdown menu for iOS with Swift 4

Awesome Dropdown menu for iOS with Swift 4


The eligible dropdown menu for iOS, written in Swift 4, appears dropdown menu to display a view of related items when a user click on the dropdown menu. You can customize dropdown view whatever you like (e.g. UITableView, UICollectionView... etc)




YNDropDownMenu written in Swift 4. Compatible with iOS 8.0+



YNDropDownMenu is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'YNDropDownMenu'


github "younatics/YNDropDownMenu"


import YNDropDownMenu

Init view with frame[CGRect], Views[UIView] and Titles[String]

let view = YNDropDownMenu(frame:frame, dropDownViews: dropDownViews, dropDownViewTitles: ["Apple", "Banana", "Kiwi", "Pear"])


Inherit YNDropDownView (If you need)

class DropDownView: YNDropDownView {
   // override method to call open & close
    override func dropDownViewOpened() {
    override func dropDownViewClosed() {

    // Hide Menu

    // Change Menu Title At Index
    self.changeMenu(title: "Changed", at: 1)
    self.changeMenu(title: "Changed", status: .selected, at: 1)

    // Change View At Index 
    self.changeView(view: UIView(), at: 3)

    // Always Selected Menu
    self.alwaysSelected(at: 0)
    self.normalSelected(at: 0)


Show & Hide Menu


// When view is already opened

Disable & Enable Menu

view.disabledMenu(at: 2)
view.enabledMenu(at: 3)

Always/Normal selected button label

view.alwaysSelected(at: 0)
view.normalSelected(at: 0)

Button Image with 3 situations (normal, selected, disabled)

view.setImageWhen(normal: UIImage(named: "arrow_nor"), selected: UIImage(named: "arrow_sel"), disabled: UIImage(named: "arrow_dim"))

Label color with 3 situations

view.setLabelColorWhen(normal: UIColor.black, selected: UIColor.blue, disabled: UIColor.gray)

Label font with 3 situations

view.setLabelFontWhen(normal: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 12), selected: UIFont.boldSystemFont(ofSize: 12), disabled: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 12))


// Enadbled or Disabled first (Default true)
view.backgroundBlurEnabled = false

// Use this line if you want to change UIBlurEffectStyle
view.blurEffectStyle = .light

// Or customize blurEffectView(UIView)
let backgroundView = UIView()
backgroundView.backgroundColor = UIColor.black
view.blurEffectView = backgroundView

// Animation end alpha
view.blurEffectViewAlpha = 0.7

Animation duration

view.showMenuDuration = 0.5
view.hideMenuDuration = 0.3

Animation velocity, damping

view.showMenuSpringVelocity = 0.5
view.showMenuSpringWithDamping = 0.8

view.hideMenuSpringVelocity = 0.9
view.hideMenuSpringWithDamping = 0.8

Change Menu Title At Index

view.changeMenu(title: "Changed", at: 1)
view.changeMenu(title: "Changed", status: .selected, at: 1)

Change View At Index

view.changeView(view: UIView(), at: 3)

Change Bottom Line

view.bottomLine.backgroundColor = UIColor.black
view.bottomLine.isHidden = false


extension YNDropDownMenu {
    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use init(frame: CGRect, dropDownViews: [UIView], dropDownViewTitles: [String]) instead")
    public init(frame: CGRect, YNDropDownViews: [YNDropDownView], dropDownViewTitles: [String])

    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use alwaysSelected(at index: Int) instead")
    open func alwaysSelectedAt(index: Int) {
        self.alwaysSelected(at: index)
    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use disabledMenu(at index: Int) instead")
    open func disabledMenuAt(index: Int) {
        self.disabledMenu(at: index)
    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use enabledMenu(at index: Int) instead")
    open func enabledMenuAt(index: Int) {
        self.enabledMenu(at: index)

    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use showAndHideMenu(at index: Int) instead")
    open func showAndHideMenuAt(index: Int) {
        self.showAndHideMenu(at: index)

extension YNDropDownView {
    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use changeMenu(title: String, at index: Int) instead")
    open func changeMenuTitleAt(index: Int, title: String) {
        self.delegate?.changeMenu(title: title, at: index)