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Awesome Dropdown menu for iOS with Swift

Awesome Dropdown menu for iOS with Swift


Awesome Dropdown menu for iOS with Swift 4.

The eligible dropdown menu for iOS, written in Swift 4, appears dropdown menu to display a view of related items when a user click on the dropdown menu. You can customize dropdown view whatever you like (e.g. UITableView, UICollectionView... etc)




YNDropDownMenu written in Swift 4. Compatible with iOS 8.0+



YNDropDownMenu is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'YNDropDownMenu'


github "younatics/YNDropDownMenu"


import YNDropDownMenu

Init view with frame[CGRect], Views[UIView] and Titles[String]

let view = YNDropDownMenu(frame:frame, dropDownViews: dropDownViews, dropDownViewTitles: ["Apple", "Banana", "Kiwi", "Pear"])


Inherit YNDropDownView (If you need)

class DropDownView: YNDropDownView {
   // override method to call open & close
    override func dropDownViewOpened() {
    override func dropDownViewClosed() {

    // Hide Menu

    // Change Menu Title At Index
    self.changeMenu(title: "Changed", at: 1)
    self.changeMenu(title: "Changed", status: .selected, at: 1)

    // Change View At Index 
    self.changeView(view: UIView(), at: 3)

    // Always Selected Menu
    self.alwaysSelected(at: 0)
    self.normalSelected(at: 0)


Show & Hide Menu


// When view is already opened

Disable & Enable Menu

view.disabledMenu(at: 2)
view.enabledMenu(at: 3)

Always/Normal selected button label

view.alwaysSelected(at: 0)
view.normalSelected(at: 0)

Button Image with 3 situations (normal, selected, disabled)

view.setImageWhen(normal: UIImage(named: "arrow_nor"), selected: UIImage(named: "arrow_sel"), disabled: UIImage(named: "arrow_dim"))

Label color with 3 situations

view.setLabelColorWhen(normal: UIColor.black, selected: UIColor.blue, disabled: UIColor.gray)

Label font with 3 situations

view.setLabelFontWhen(normal: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 12), selected: UIFont.boldSystemFont(ofSize: 12), disabled: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 12))


// Enadbled or Disabled first (Default true)
view.backgroundBlurEnabled = false

// Use this line if you want to change UIBlurEffectStyle
view.blurEffectStyle = .light

// Or customize blurEffectView(UIView)
let backgroundView = UIView()
backgroundView.backgroundColor = UIColor.black
view.blurEffectView = backgroundView

// Animation end alpha
view.blurEffectViewAlpha = 0.7

Animation duration

view.showMenuDuration = 0.5
view.hideMenuDuration = 0.3

Animation velocity, damping

view.showMenuSpringVelocity = 0.5
view.showMenuSpringWithDamping = 0.8

view.hideMenuSpringVelocity = 0.9
view.hideMenuSpringWithDamping = 0.8

Change Menu Title At Index

view.changeMenu(title: "Changed", at: 1)
view.changeMenu(title: "Changed", status: .selected, at: 1)

Change View At Index

view.changeView(view: UIView(), at: 3)

Change Bottom Line

view.bottomLine.backgroundColor = UIColor.black
view.bottomLine.isHidden = false


extension YNDropDownMenu {
    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use init(frame: CGRect, dropDownViews: [UIView], dropDownViewTitles: [String]) instead")
    public init(frame: CGRect, YNDropDownViews: [YNDropDownView], dropDownViewTitles: [String])

    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use alwaysSelected(at index: Int) instead")
    open func alwaysSelectedAt(index: Int) {
        self.alwaysSelected(at: index)
    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use disabledMenu(at index: Int) instead")
    open func disabledMenuAt(index: Int) {
        self.disabledMenu(at: index)
    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use enabledMenu(at index: Int) instead")
    open func enabledMenuAt(index: Int) {
        self.enabledMenu(at: index)

    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use showAndHideMenu(at index: Int) instead")
    open func showAndHideMenuAt(index: Int) {
        self.showAndHideMenu(at: index)

extension YNDropDownView {
    @available(*, deprecated, message: "use changeMenu(title: String, at index: Int) instead")
    open func changeMenuTitleAt(index: Int, title: String) {
        self.delegate?.changeMenu(title: title, at: index)