Beacon iOS

Beacon is a privacy and security-focused browser with native DANE support and a decentralized p2p light client. Zero-Trust HTTPS/TLS! Beacon trustlessly verifies DNSSEC over the Handshake network. The browser uses hnsquery and PowDoH!

This branch works with Xcode 13.0, Swift 5.5 and supports iOS 13 and above.

Please note: due to dependency issues, development of Beacon-iOS is currently only supported on Intel based Macs, and not Apple Silicon based Macs.

The current build bundles MobileHNS to build on a simulator you need to build it from source and bundle it for iossimulator.

Please make sure you aim your pull requests in the right direction.

For bug fixes and features for a specific release, use the version branch.

Getting involved

Building the code

  1. Install the latest Xcode developer tools from Apple.
  2. Install Carthage, Node, and a Python 3 virtualenv for localization scripts:

    brew update
    brew install carthage
    brew install node
    pip3 install virtualenv
  3. Clone the repository:
    git clone
  4. Pull in the project dependencies:

    cd beacon-ios
    sh ./
  5. Open Client.xcodeproj in Xcode.
  6. Build the Trill scheme in Xcode.

Building User Scripts

User Scripts (JavaScript injected into the WKWebView) are compiled, concatenated, and minified using webpack. User Scripts to be aggregated are placed in the following directories:

|-- /Frontend
    |-- /UserContent
        |-- /UserScripts
            |-- /AllFrames
            |   |-- /AtDocumentEnd
            |   |-- /AtDocumentStart
            |-- /MainFrame
                |-- /AtDocumentEnd
                |-- /AtDocumentStart

This reduces the total possible number of User Scripts down to four. The compiled output from concatenating and minifying the User Scripts placed in these folders resides in /Client/Assets and are named accordingly:

  • AllFramesAtDocumentEnd.js
  • AllFramesAtDocumentStart.js
  • MainFrameAtDocumentEnd.js
  • MainFrameAtDocumentStart.js

To simplify the build process, these compiled files are checked-in to this repository. When adding or editing User Scripts, these files can be re-compiled with webpack manually. This requires Node.js to be installed, and all required npm packages can be installed by running npm install in the project’s root directory. User Scripts can be compiled by running the following npm command in the root directory of the project:

npm run build


Contributions welcome!


This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at


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