Layout Framework Benchmark

Benchmark the performances of various Swift layout frameworks (autolayout, UIStackView, PinLayout, LayoutKit, FlexLayout, Yoga, ...)


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Xcode 8.0+
  • Swift 3.0+


This project is a spin-off of the excellent LayoutKit benchmark. The benchmark has been extracted to add other iOS layout frameworks and to compare them.


Choosing the right layout framework for your project is an important decision. The frameworks API is quite important, but its performance is also important. To help you with that decision, this benchmark compare different layout frameworks.

Benchmark charts

General comparison

This chart display a general comparison between device performance using each layout frameworks.
It displays the performance when layouting UICollectionView cells. This graph shows performance when layouting 100 UICollectionView cells.

The Y axis indicates the number of seconds to render all cells.


Layout frameworks

The benchmark currently includes the following layout frameworks:
(ordered alphabetically and use the framework GitHub's description):

:pushpin: Anyone who would like to integrate any other layout frameworks to this GitHub project is welcome.

Benchmark details

The benchmark layout UICollectionView cells in multiple pass, each pass contains more cells than the previous one.

Benchmark cell's layout

Here are the benchmark rendering results to compare visual results:

:pushpin: Some work would be required to adjust the layout so that they all match perfectly.

Benchmark data

You can see the benchmark's data and charts in this Google Spreadsheet Document.

Details for different devices

The X axis in following charts indicates the number of cells contained for each pass. The Y axis indicates the number of seconds to render all cells from one pass.







Project's TODO list

  • Create a reference layout and update layout codes to match that reference.
  • Display benchmark charts inside the app and being to able to export them.
  • Export benchmark data to a spreadsheet.
  • Add more layout frameworks.
  • OSX support.
  • tvOS support.
  • ...

Contributing, comments, ideas, suggestions, issues, ....

For any comments, ideas, suggestions, simply open an issue.

If you'd like to contribute by adding other layout framework, you're welcomed!

Adding another layout framework

The process is currently tedious...

  • Add an implementation of the reference view.
  • Run on all reference devices (or at least the two latest generation) in Release mode.
  • Select the new layout from the Benchmark App.
  • Update the XLSX document.
  • Add a new chart
  • Save the chart using "Save as Picture..."
  • Update the
  • Create a pull request.