Best architecture for SwiftUI + Combine

The content of the presentation:

  1. First of the proposed architectures – MVP + C
  2. Second of the proposed architectures – MVVM + C
  3. Descriptions of principles of the Service Locator pattern
  4. Service Locator pattern implementation using Resolver
  5. Third of the proposed architectures – MVVM and pattern Service Locator
  6. Comparative table of architectures
  7. Conclusions
  8. Resources

Presentation links: – read versionДоклад%20на%20тему%20%5FЛучшая%20архитектура%20для%20связки%20combine%20%2BSwiftUI%5F%2D20210916%5F160159%2DЗапись%20собрания%2Emp4&parent=%2Fsites%2FiOSteam%2FShared%20Documents%2FGeneral%2FRecordings video conference


First architecture: – 1 part – 2 part – 3 part

Second architecture:

MVVM + C + Swift architecture (wrappers for SwiftUI modules) – git – tutorial

Resolver: – git – tutorial

Fake REST API: – git – tutorial

How to launch local server:

  1. – download node js for your mac
  2. in terminal run ‘ npm install -g json-server ‘
  3. in terminal run ‘ json-server –watch db.json ‘
  4. copy data from database.json (lay inside the Network Manager folder) and paste it on the db.json file
  5. cmd + s, quit terminal, and repeat step 3 in the place where you created db.json file

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