MetaWear Swift Combine SDK Beta

Control our wearable sensors on iOS and macOS devices using Combine.

? Inexperienced with CoreBluetooth or C/C++ in Swift? No problem.

? Interactive Xcode DocC documentation and tutorials

☁️ New iCloud-sync recognition of MetaWears across Apple devices

✋ Optional drag-and-drop UI conveniences


Getting Started

Please email us, open an issue, or post on the MetaWear community forum with questions or feedback.

Directories At a Glance

? MetaWear

The root directory contains the core objects and type aliases for typical use of the SDK.

  • ? Combine — Primary Combine operators used to control MetaWear devices
  • ? Cpp Bridging — Swift wrappers around sensors/modules (e.g., gyroscope), commands (e.g., activate iBeacon), and anything else from the C/C++ library
  • ? Helpers — Extensions and utilities

? MetaWearSync — iCloud synchronization of device identities

? MetaWearFirmware — Updates device firmware from MetaWear servers

? MetaWearCpp — Underlying C/C++ submodule

? Tests — Run the test host project at ? Sources/Tests/IntegrationTests/. CoreBluetooth does not work in an iOS Simulator.


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