Bus Seat View Selection with swift.


To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.


Start Select Gender Selection VoilĂ !


ALBusSeatView is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'ALBusSeatView'


// If you want to config more
// let config = ALBusSeatViewConfig()
// ALBusSeatView(withConfig: config)

let seatView = ALBusSeatView()
seatView.delegate = self
seatView.dataSource = self


Config (ALBusSeatViewConfig)


Param Desc Default Type
leftHandDrivePosition Left drive position status True Bool
marginBetweenSeats Margin between seats 5.0 CGFloat


Param Desc Default Type
seatEmptyBGColor Empty seat color .white UIColor
seatSelectedBGColor Selected seat color .green UIColor
seatSoldWomanBGColor Seat color purchased by woman .red UIColor
seatSoldManBGColor Seat color purchased by man .blue UIColor
seatCornerRadius Seat corner radius 8.0 CGFloat
seatBorderColor Seat border color .clear UIColor
seatBorderWidth Seat border width 0 CGFloat
seatShadowColor Seat shadow color .lightGray UIColor
seatShadowRadius Seat shadow radius 5.0 CGFloat
seatShadowSize Seat shadow size 1,1 CGSize
seatShadowOpacity Seat shadow opacity 0.7 Float
seatRemoveImage The remove button image for selected seat nil UIImage?
seatNumberFont Seat number label font .system(15) UIFont
seatNumberSelectedFont Selected seat number label font .systemBold(15) UIFont
seatNumberColor Seat number label color .black UIColor
seatNumberSelectedColor Selected seat number label color .white UIColor


Param Desc Default Type
centerHallHeight Bus hall height 20 CGFloat
centerHallInfoText Hall information label text "" String
centerHallInfoTextColor Hall information label text color .black UIColor
centerHallInfoTextFont Hall information label text font .system(12) UIFont

Bus Front Section

Param Desc Default Type
busFrontImage Bus front image nil UIImage?
busFrontImageWidth Bus front image width 50 CGFloat

Bus Floor Section

Param Desc Default Type
floorSeperatorWidth Floor section width 50 CGFloat
floorSeperatorImage Floor section image nil UIImage?

Gender Tooltip

Param Desc Default Type
tooltipText Gender selection tooltip title "Select Gender" String


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