Charabia POC using some iOS16 APIs



Charabia is an app that allows parents to save and share what their kids are saying while learning to speak. Charabia is a french term that means gibberish.

Important notes:

The project is built with Xcode 14 beta 1.

There is a lot of SwiftUI issues that will be worked on as new betas arrive. For now it compile and will use the best & latest features of Swift 5.7 and SwiftUI.

New iOS16 APIs used:

  • presentationDetents to show the sheet in medium and large size
  • ImageRenderer to convert the charabia card view to a SwiftUI image
  • ShareLink to share the card image using an activity controller
  • Usage of the new .gradient modifier for colors

Known issues:

The ShareLink doesn’t allow for now to save the image to your photo library. This might be a bug and I already filed a radar for that. Hope it’s going to be fixed before the public release. ?


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