Cheap Flight Price Detector ✈️

Have you ever searched for flight tickets in a way that dates are not important, only prices? Spent so much time to find the best deals? Then this app is for you!


  • Accurate: all data is from official websites
  • Fast: scans thousands of flight combinations in seconds
  • Seamless experience: intuitive user interface makes search easy
  • Secure: actual booking is done on the airline’s official website

? Flight history: save all of your flights and visualize them on a map

How to use?

  1. Select departure and destination airports (from a list or from an interactive map)
  2. Select for how many nights you want to go: minimum and maximum
  3. Select the searching period: first and last day of the search interval
  4. Select whether you want to display Discount Club prices or not (if available for the airline)
  5. Tap search flights
  6. Select your preferred flight from the ordered search results, where default cheapest flight is the first (you can sort the results by different aspects)
  7. Tap buy to finalize your booking on the airline’s official website


How to save your flights?

  1. Fill the required fields, like Origin and Destination airport, date etc…
  2. Tap save
  3. View your flight in a list or on an interactive map


New features are coming soon:

▶️ Up to date currency rates

▶️ Possibility to change between displayed currencies

▶️ Search for one-way routes

▶️ Support for other languages (already supports: ??, ??, ??, ??)

▶️ Search support for more airline companies


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