A iOS application with layout based on App Store that can check the most starred and last updated Swift repository. It was developed in a modular way, with their respective tests using Quick, Nimble, Snapshots and/or KIF, the using the modern collection view and integrated with fastlane and slather generating test coverage.




  • Modularization
  • CLEAN Swift Architecture (VIP)
  • Modern Collection View
  • Mock Mode
  • Pull-to-Refresh
  • Infinity Scroll using PrefetchItems
  • View Code (UIKit)
  • Preview using UIViewRepresentable
  • Dark Mode
  • Internationalization (English and PT-Br)
  • Unit tests
  • Snapshots Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Travis CI integration
  • Codecov integration
  • Fastlane integration
  • Slather integration



First of all download and install Xcode, Cocoapods and xcodegen, then clone the repository


Go to cloned directory and execute

xcodegen generate

Open the directory project and double tap on Swiftmazing.xcworkspace

Running the tests

For each scheme in project run some tests targets

  • The visual scheme runs the snapshots tests for all views and view controllers
  • The Infrastructure scheme runs the unit tests using Quick and Nimble for all network tests
  • The Swiftmazing scheme runs the unit tests using Quick and Nimble for all bussiness and presentation rules
  • The SwiftmazingMock scheme runs the functional tests using KIF in a mocked application
  • The SwiftmazingTests scheme runs all tests

The all tests can be run also using Fastlane just execute

bundle install
bundle exec fastlane tests

When running the tests using this command automaticaly runs Slather that generates a test relatory of code coverage in xml. The relatory can be found at


If you want to see relatory in html, modify the .slather.yml changing key coverage_service to html