? CheesyChart

Create amazing Crypto and Stock charts ??

Looking for an easy to use and fully customizable charting solution written in SwiftUI? Then check out CheesyChart – it’s a Swift Package that makes it simple to create beautiful charts in your own projects. With just a few lines of code, you can create prefect line charts. And if you need to display the current value of the chart, there’s an interactive label for that too. ?

So whether you want to create a simple chart or a more complex one, CheesyChart has you covered!

? Installation

CheesyChart requires iOS 14 and Xcode 12.

1️⃣ In Xcode go to FileAdd Packages...

2️⃣ In the top right corner, paste https://github.com/adri567/CheesyChart.git ? and press Enter.

3️⃣ Choose CheesyChart from the list ➤ Add Package

This was easy, or? Now you can use CheesyChart in your project! ??

? Here are some examples

? Usage

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import CheesyChart

Example 1

/// You need a @State var if you want to use the tapPoint to show the current price of the stock or coin in a extra TextView
@State var value: Int? = 0

let setup = SetupChart(
           name: (stock or coin name),
           data:  (price data),
           image: UIImage(named: "Image"),
           chartHeight: 250,
           animateChart: true,
           chartBackground: .cb5,
           chartBackgroundColor: Color(UIColor.systemGroupedBackground).opacity(0.3),
           showYAxiesStats: true,
           yAxiesStatsColor: .black,
           showShadow1: true,
           showShadow2: true,
           chartPriceLabelColor: Color(UIColor.systemGroupedBackground).opacity(0.3),
           chartPriceLabelFontColor: .black

CheesyChart(setup: setup, tapPoint: $value)

Example 2

let setup = SetupChart(
               data: data,
               animateChart: true,
               startAnimationAfterAppear: 0.2,
               chartBackground: .cb2,
               chartBackgroundColor: Color.theme.background,
               showYAxiesStats: true,
               yAxiesStatsColor: Color.theme.accent,
               showShadow1: true,
               showShadow2: true,
               showShadow3: true,
               showShadow4: true,
               chartPriceLabelColor: Color.theme.background,
               chartPriceLabelFontColor: Color.theme.accent,
               chartPriceLabelShadow: Color.theme.accent

CheesyChart(setup: setup)

All setup possibilities with it's standard values ?

name: String = "" // Name of the coin or stock

data: [Double] = [] // Price data

image: UIImage? = UIImage(systemName: "bitcoinsign.circle.fill") // Standart image if image is shown
showChartHeader: Bool = false // Default chart header

chartHeaderFontColor: Color = .black // Font color of the chart

chartHeaderColor: Color = .clear // Whole color of the chart

showHeaderImage: Bool = false // Show header image
chartWidth: Double = UIScreen.main.bounds.width // Width of the chart

chartHeight: Double = 200 // Height of the chart
animateChart: Bool = false // Line animation (from 0 to 1)

startAnimationAfterAppeariance: CGFloat = 0.1 // Animation after the appearance of the chart

chartAnimationDuration: CGFloat = 1.0 // Duration of the animation
chartBackground: Background = .none // Chart backgrounds (choose between .none, .cb1, .cb2, .cb3, .cb4, .cb5)

chartBackgroundColor: Color = .white // Whole background color of the chart

chartBackgroundDividerColor: Color = Color(UIColor.lightGray).opacity(0.2) // X axies divider color

showYAxiesStats: Bool = false // Price stats on the left across the y axies

yAxiesStatsColor: Color = .black // Color of the stats

yAxiesStatsAlignment: YAxiesAlignment = .leading // Position of the y axies stats
chartLineColorOnHigh: Color = .green // Chart color if the price goes up

chartLineColorOnLow: Color = .red // Chart color if the price goes down

chartLineWidth: CGFloat = 2 // Width of the chart line
showShadow1: Bool = false // Shadow 1 of the line

showShadow2: Bool = false // Shadow 2 of the line

showShadow3: Bool = false // Shadow 3 of the line

showShadow4: Bool = false // Shadow 4 of the line
chartPriceLabelColor: Color = .clear // Color of the drag price label

chartPriceLabelFontColor: Color = .black // Font color of the drag price label

chartPriceIndicatorColor: Color = Color(UIColor.lightGray) // Color of the price y axies indicator

chartPriceLabelYAxies: CGFloat = 40.0 // Position of the price label on the y axies

chartPriceLabelCornerRadius: CGFloat = 5 // Corner radius of the price label

chartPriceLabelShadow: Color = .clear // Shadow of the price label
Thanks Nick for letting me use your crypto app as a showcase for CheesyChart! ?