Yet another custom pull to refresh for your needs.

Inspired by Google Chrome iOS app



Easy to use

You can simply setup your own chrome style pull to refresh using the initializer below

 * To initialize ADChromePullToRefresh use this designated initializer
 * @param view - view to overlay by pull to refresh
 * @param scrollView - for which scrollView we add pull to refresh
 * @param scrollViewOriginalOffsetY - initial offset y of the given scrollView
 * @param delegate - object conformed to ADChromePullToRefreshDelegate protocol
init(view: UIView, forScrollView scrollView: UIScrollView, scrollViewOriginalOffsetY: CGFloat, delegate: ADChromePullToRefreshDelegate)

To provide custom handler for pull to refresh actions you need to implement this delegate methos in your class

 * Use this function to provide an action for the given action view type
func chromePullToRefresh(_ pullToRefresh: ADChromePullToRefresh, actionForViewWithType: ADChromePullToRefreshActionViewType) -> ADChromePullToRefreshAction?

You're able to customize pull to refresh action view according to your needs ?

 * Use this function to create view with icon for the given pullToRefresh. To customize view use subclass of   
 * ADChromePullToRefreshActionView
 * @see ADChromePullToRefreshActionView.swift
 * @see UITableViewDelegate - similar method to get header and footer view
func chromePullToRefresh(_ pullToRefresh: ADChromePullToRefresh, viewWithType: ADChromePullToRefreshActionViewType) -> ADChromePullToRefreshActionView

Easy to install


To integrate ADPuzzleAnimation into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

source ''
platform :ios, '8.0'

pod 'ADChromePullToRefresh', '~> 0.5'