Swana is a Swift project analyzer that generates an overview of your Swift project, including information about types, functions, properties, and used types.


  • Analyzes Swift source files in a given project folder
  • Generates an overview of types, functions, properties, and used types
  • Supports classes, structs, enums, and protocols
  • Prints the project overview in a human-readable format


  • macOS 13.0 or later
  • Swift 5.7 or later


  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone https://github.com/yourusername/swana.git
  2. Build the project:

    swift build -c release
  3. Copy the executable to your desired location:

    cp .build/release/Swana /usr/local/bin/swana


To analyze a Swift project, simply run the swana command followed by the path to your project folder:

swana /path/to/your/swift/project

Swana will then generate and print an overview of your project, including information about types, functions, properties, and used types.

Example Output

Files: /path/to/your/swift/project
    File: SourceFile.swift
        TypeName (class)
        │ ├───functionName
        │ │ ├───Argument Types: Type1, Type2
        │ │ ├───Return Type: ReturnType
        │ │ └───Used Types: Type1, Type2, ReturnType
        │ └───propertyName: PropertyType
        └───Used Types: Type1, Type2, ReturnType, PropertyType


  1. ProjectOverview class: Represents an overview of a project, containing a URL for the project and dictionaries for the files and folders. Each file is represented by a FileOverview object, with information about types, functions, and symbols in the file.

  2. TypeInformation class: Represents information about a type, including its kind (class, struct, enum, or protocol), functions, properties, and used types.

  3. FunctionInformation class: Represents information about a function, including its name, return type, argument types, and used types.

  4. PropertyInformation struct: Represents information about a property, including its name and type.

  5. Parser enum: Contains static functions for generating a project overview and analyzing a source file.

    • generateProjectOverview: Takes a URL for a project folder and returns a ProjectOverview object representing the project.
    • analyzeSourceFile: Takes a SourceFileSyntax object and returns a FileOverview object representing the file.
    • printProjectOverview: Takes a ProjectOverview object and prints information about the project to the console.
  6. SourceFileVisitor class: A SyntaxVisitor subclass that visits the nodes in a source file’s syntax tree and extracts information about the types, functions, and properties in the file. It maintains a stack of type names as it visits the nodes and uses this information to build up the ProjectOverview and FileOverview objects.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.


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