iOS Swift Chat App

CometChat Kitchen Sink Sample App (built using CometChat UIKit) is a fully functional messaging app capable of one-on-one (private) and group messaging as well as Calling. This sample app enables users to send text and multimedia messages like images, videos, documents. Also, users can make Audio and Video calls to other users or groups.


Before you begin, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have installed the latest version of Xcode. (Above Xcode 12 Recommended)

  • iOS Swift Chat App works for the iOS devices from iOS 11 and above.

NOTE: Please install the latest pod version on your Mac to avoid integration issues

Please follow the below steps:

sudo gem update cocoapods --pre
pod update

Installing iOS Swift Chat App

  1. Simply clone the project from ios-swift-chat-app repository. After cloning the repository:

  2. Navigate to project’s folder and use below command to install the require dependancies.

    $ pod install
  3. If you’re facing any issues while installing pods, then kindly use the below command to install dependancies.

    pod install --repo-update
  4. Build and run the Sample App.

Running the sample app

To Run to sample app you have to do the following changes by Adding AppID, AuthKey and Region.

You can obtain your App ID, Auth Key and Region from CometChat-Pro Dashboard. Create new app and head over to the Quick Start or API & Auth Keys section and note the App ID, Auth Key, and Region.

  • Open the project in Xcode.

  • Go to CometChatSwift –> AppConstants.swift.

  • Modify App ID and Auth Key and Region with your own App ID, Auth Key and Region.

  • Select demo users or enter the UID at the time of login once the app is launched.

Studio Guide

Add UI Kit to your project

Learn more about how to integrate UI Kit inside your app.



Thanks to the following people who have contributed to this project:

@pushpsenairekar2911 ?‍? @ghanshyammansata ?‍? @jeetkapadia ?‍? @NishantTiwarins ?‍? @darshanbhanushali ?


Contact us via real time support present in CometChat Dashboard.




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