Command line tool written in Swift dedicated to perform Mutation Testing of your Swift project.
Inspired by Muter


mutanus -c <path-to-config>

Configuration file

  • Required parameters

    • executable – used for builing your project
    • arguments – array of executable arguments to run tests of your project
  • Required parameters

    • project_root – path to the root of your project. Current directory is used if not present
    • source_files – array of relative to project_root paths of files or/and folders. Listed sources are used for mutants search. All files in project_root are used if not present

  "executable": "/usr/bin/xcodebuild",
  "arguments": [
    "platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 8",
  "project_root": "<path-to-project>",
  "source_files": [ 
  "excluded_files": [


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