A command-line tool to create or update a local mirror of the dependencies for a Swift project. This tool is meant to automate a bunch of the typing that is involved in using SPM dependency mirroring.

Basic Usage

Let’s say that you want to keep a local mirror of your project’s dependencies in a directory, /opt/swift/mirrors. Open a terminal window and change to your swift project’s directory. Then resolve your project’s package dependencies:

swift package resolve

Now you can use the tool to mirror all the dependencies:

Mirror-Package -m /opt/swift/mirrors

Later, if you want to update your local mirrors, you can use the tool to do that, too:

Mirror-Package -m /opt/swift/mirrors -u

Note that the update process can happen from any directory, since it just goes through all the subdirectories of the specified mirror directory and does a git pull --rebase for each one.

To stop using the mirrors, simply delete .swiftpm/config from your project.


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