A SwiftUI layout that arranges a collection of items from left to right and top to bottom, in sequential order.

By default it is a standard flow layout, where an exact spacing is applied between items. For example:

It can also be used as a ‘justified’ flow layout, where the widest item determines the spacing and alignment, creating an even appearance of neat columns. For example:

Animation is supported. Here’s an example of adding and removing items simultaneously:

Animation showing the addition and removal of items simultaneously



import JustifiableFlowLayout

let uniqueWords = ["cloud", "hill", "thunder", "if", "run", "fright", "just", "twenty", "agent", "theatre", "ink", "so", "rig", "week", "range", "today"]

JustifiableFlowLayout(minSpacing: 10, shouldJustify: false) {
    ForEach(uniqueWords, id: \.self) { word in
            .border(Color.mint, width: 2)

JustifiableFlowLayout also works well inside a ScrollView.


Swift package manager

Add the swift package to your project:



JustifiableFlowLayout can be used as an alternative to SwiftUI collection view layouts like Grid and LazyVGrid.

Unlike LazyVGrid, JustifiableFlowLayout lays out its items all at once. This potentiallys allows for more performant layout and animation, but may not be suitable for a large collection of items.

Unlike Grid, you don’t specify the number of rows required. JustifiableFlowLayout will decide how many rows it needs based on the item sizes. When using JustifiableFlowLayout, there is no need to define GridItem or GridRow.


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